Kids Like You

Kids Like You educates and informs children of all ages about everyday situations. Kids Like You will test your children and teach them about everyday problems and how to deal with them.

Miss Cathie is the host of this energetic half-hour for youngsters – and the young in heart – that employs original songs, puppetry, and live-action comedy sketches. Miss Cathie is often joined by her cohorts Jailhouse Joe and Boxcar Billy, and occasionally they hosted some episodes of “Kids Like You” by themselves. Other regulars included Boxcar Bertha; Beauticia, the beauty shop owner; Miss Agnes, who, it seemed, never had anything nice to say; Peachy, the Southern belle and her father, owner of the estate; Dixie, Pixie, the resident homemaker, and Le Doctaire, a nutty scientist. Puppet regulars included Betty Lou, Charlie Blue, Daisy, Grueney (who has a clutch of green hair), Jeremiah, Laura Lamb, Mr. Heart, Patty Sue, Penelope Turtle, Reggie, Rusty, Vinnie, and Violet, as well as bad guys Big John and Butch.