How To Watch


Elevate by Orby TV

Over the Air

Channel 53,
Tulsa, OK
Houston, TX KBPX channel 46.5Channel 46.5,
Houston, TX
W31AZ CH 31.1, Greenville NC
Channel 31.1,
Greenville, SC
W50CH TV 50.1
Channel 50.1,
Alton, IL
WJDE Ch 31.8 Nashville
Channel 31.8,
Nashville, TN
KAZQ 32.4 Albuquerque
Channel 32.4
Albuquerque, NM

Channel LD 50.2
Channel 31-select programs
KFIR Ch 49.2 Fresno/VisalaChannel 49.2
Fresno/Visala CA
WCSN Channel 32.12 Columbus OHChannel 32.12
Columbus OH





Watch us on Channel 363

GEB America is available to Cable headends for the Caribbean, Andean Region, and Central America (Cable Bahamas, and others..); Eutelsat 117 West A – US, Canada, Mexico, Central, and South America)

GEB Asia is available to the vast majority of Asia and Oceania via Asia Sat-Asia5 100.5E  Free-to-Air

Cable & Other

Tulsa, OK
Cox Cable Tulsa Channel 1023Tulsa – Ch 23
CimTelManford, OK
Channel 22
suddenlinkMuskogee OK
Channel 120 HD,
Channel 20 SD
/Sparklight cableBartlesville/Dewey/
Nowata/Vinita OK
Channel 53