About GEB

GEB Network Studio

GEB America focuses on helping the people of faith live well in Spirit, Mind, and Body. Initially envisioned by founder Oral Roberts, Golden Eagle Broadcasting began broadcasting on November 1, 1998. Now known as GEB, the network seeks to equip, empower and educate by providing Spirit-Empowered Edu-tainment in a family-safe environment.

Our Family Safe® Programming is well-rounded, educational, and culturally relevant, showcasing the world’s best inspirational voices and high-value redemptive programming.

The network is comprised of several channels offering varied programming. GEB America is available in North America, South/Central America, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

In North America on DIRECTV channel 363, Central/South America via Eutelsat 117w, and over parts of Africa on Eutelsat 7b. It is also available via several over-the-air stations, including the flagship KGEB-TV53 Tulsa.

GEB Asia is available to most of Asia and Oceania via Asia Sat-Asia5. https://www.asiasat.com/satellite-fleet/asiasat-5

You can also watch anytime online at GEB.tv and our GEB America App.

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