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Creative Christmas Crafts

Looking into doing some crafting for Christmas this year? It’s the perfect time for it while it’s cold and wet outside! Whether you’re into crafting alone, with a bunch of friends, or with small children, here’s a list of ideas for just about anyone! Comment below and let us know what your favorite Christmas crafts are or if you have any suggestions that we missed!

Make a Wreath

You can make a wreath out of just about anything: ribbon, branches, berries, ornaments, and so much more! But here’s one we love that tastefully features pine cones!

Decorate Your Front Door

Nothing welcomes guests into your home like an inviting front door! Check out this fun snowman idea that is on the inside of the home. Other fun ideas include Santa, an elf, or anything more traditional!

Decorative Pillows

While they may sound difficult, you might be shocked to see how easy decorative pillows are to make! All you need is a little fabric (or even an old sweater or blanket), some filling, and a needle and thread! Try this one to start out!

Make Fake Snow

Need the perfect craft to enhance your snow village or to sprinkle around an indoor landscape? Check out this recipe for fake snow!


They’re a great gift and great decor around your house! These can be as simple or as difficult as you would like, but the options are endless! Options include coloring on a round bulb with permanent marker, making figurines out of popsicle sticks, putting glitter accents on existing ornaments, or even creating and painting salt dough shapes.

Make a Sign

Whether it’s a small one to be set up against a wall or large enough to hang, you might consider making a sign with your favorite Christmas song lyrics or even a Bible verse. Here’s fun example of a rustic Christmas sign.