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Five Ways to Enjoy Fall Break as a Family

Many schools have a fall break mid-October, and families have more opportunities to spend together during that time off. It’s easy for fall break and other long weekends to sneak up on you, though, so be prepared with some fun activities to do together as a family to make the most of the time.

-Go for a Hike. Fall weather is the perfect opportunity to go for a hike as a family. Find a trail nearby or take a short road trip outside the city to explore a new area together. Encourage family members to leave their devices behind and enjoy God’s creation, taking a break from the busyness of everyday life.

-Be a Tourist. Take a day to be a tourist in your own town or a nearby city. Do something you’ve always thought about doing but never done, even if it seems cheesy. Try a new restaurant, visit a museum or do a walking tour. Even if the attractions aren’t exciting, it can be a fun way to make memories with your family. You might be pleasantly surprised, though, at what your town has to offer!

-Go Camping. The cooler temperatures make fall the ideal camping weather. Pack up the family and find a nearby campground, if only for a night, to spend time in God’s creation and enjoy each other’s company — not to mention a s’more or two.

-Have a Bake-Off. Get creative with your time at home and have a bake-off within your family. If you have older children, it can be every-person-for-themselves, but if you have younger children, team up with older kids or adults. Set a category and each bake a creation. Then get neighbors or friends to judge whose is the best! (Bonus: everyone wins because they get to eat the results!)

-Host a Neighborhood Movie Night. Not many towns have drive-in movie theaters anymore, but you can create your own with a projector and a large screen, sheet or even the side of a house. Host an outdoor movie night and invite all the neighbors to bring their lawn chairs and popcorn for a fun, family-friendly event.