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GEB Podcast Ep. 26: Easter and the Significance of Passion Week -Dr. Nathan French

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On a special Passion Week episode of the podcast, GEB’s David Groves interviews Dr. Nathan French, Professor and Scholar from Oral Roberts University’s Undergraduate School of Theology. Where was Jesus after the resurrection? What were the scriptures that foretold of this event? What do we need to remember as we commemorate this week?


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00:00:00 Open

00:01:55 What are some of the key Old Testament passages about the Messiah?

00:09:05 Atonement Theories

00:14:15 The spiritual battle during passion week.

00:19:32 Where was Jesus after the resurrection?

00:21:53 The Resurrection!!

00:28:15 What about this week should we be careful to remember?

00:33:30 Closing remarks


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