Healthy Sweets for the Holidays

Everyone loves desserts, especially during the holiday season. Yet desserts can sabotage weight loss goals, and the sugar in them can cause a blood sugar spike that leads to an eventual crash. As more people understand the mind-body connection, many are using healthy alternatives to improve their spiritual connectedness and are feeling better than ever. Try these simple, healthy tips everyone will love to get back on track:

  • Go for a cheesecake – Many cheesecake recipes such as this chocolate truffle cheesecake are low carb, high protein, and just as satisfying as more decadent desserts.
  • Take a different approach with a fruit and cheese tray – Instead of having a sweet, sugar-coma inducing dessert, make your dessert simple with a few select fruits and cheeses (and maybe some dark chocolate!) the family can munch on as you open gifts or sing carols.
  • Make some simple swaps – If you must have your cake and eat it too, make some healthy ingredient swaps to cut down on the refined sugars and other simple carbs. Replace half the flour with whole wheat, cut down on the sugar you add to the recipe, or use this list to find another healthy baking swap.
  • Pre-portion desserts – Sometimes, you have to give into your sweet tooth around the holidays, and that’s okay if you do it in moderation. Give everyone a reason to stay healthy with pre-portioned desserts that will leave your family feeling satisfied and not stuffed.

Use these tips to make every family meal more energetic and satisfying instead of leaving you exhausted.

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