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How to Save Money on Summer Activities

Whether you have children or not, you may find that you have a little more free time on your hands during the summer! The days are longer and you don’t want to be cooped up at home, so you might want to go out and enjoy the warm weather with friends and family–which often means that there are expenses associated. Don’t worry, there are plenty of lower cost or free things you can do and still be able to enjoy your summer!

Be Mindful About Eating at Home
If your friends want to eat out on the patio at a restaurant, you should go! However, instead of getting a large meal and dessert, perhaps you can eat ahead of time and only order a small appetizer or something that isn’t as expensive as an entree.

Look for Community Events
Most major cities have summer events for the public to attend for little to no cost. Look for events from the library, movie nights hosted by the local government, fairs or trade shows, symphony or other arts-related groups putting on free shows, free zoo days, cheaper movies, etc. Ask around at church, at a community center, or even look for a community-related group on websites like Facebook or Nextdoor.

Don’t Underestimate the Classics
Especially if you have kids in your life, don’t feel that you need to entertain them constantly with new things. Don’t forget about those nostalgic classics like eating popsicles and playing in the sprinklers. If you have a willing group of friends, you may even be able to interest some adults in some outdoor games!

Get a Group Together
If everyone contributes a little bit, you may find that it’s easier and more cost-effective than you realize to do things like a potluck dinner or picnic lunch. Get a good group of friends together and enjoy your time together!