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Keep Yourself Mentally Fit With These Ideas

We all know how to keep our physical selves healthy: eat right, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. Yet most of us don’t understand how to stay mentally healthy. Our mental health should be a priority, too; without it, we can’t function well or enjoy our lives. Here are a few incredible ways to keep mentally healthy.

Exercise Your Brain

Your brain needs exercise just like your body. Make sure it’s getting quality workouts. Read educational or uplifting material. Work mathematical puzzles, play chess, or play brain games on sites like Lumosity. Challenge yourself to remember people’s names and pertinent details about them.

Stay Connected

Isolating yourself can lead to diminished mental health, so stay connected with friends and family. When you can, socialize face to face. If you’re homebound, use Skype or FaceTime, or ask others to come to you.

Reach Out

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own problems, especially when society constantly tells us to put ourselves first. Caring for others is a wonderful way to boost both mental and spiritual health. Ask yourself what causes you’re passionate about, and then figure out ways to help. If you like to cook, volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry. If you enjoy children, volunteer in a classroom or at a hospital.

Reflect on Strengths and Gifts

Many people spend too much time putting themselves down and focusing on negative traits. Write down the top five things you like about yourself, and keep the list handy for times you feel “down.”