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Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ

Happy Easter! He is Risen!!

During this holy time of year, it’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the good news of Jesus Christ. It isn’t just that he was a man who was born over 2000 years ago and changed history. It isn’t just that he said¬†inspiring things, or even radical things, that changed how people see and think about the world. It isn’t just that the Christian church was founded and impacted a great deal of modern history because of his teachings. It’s that he, God who became Man, not only died for our sins, taking the punishment of sin and death on his own shoulders, but that he is alive! He came to us to save us and he is still present.

So as you watch your church online at home, alone or with a relative, we hope that you’re encouraged in your faith to think about what makes Christianity so unique and remarkable. Furthermore, we hope that you are inspired and emboldened to share you faith.

As you think about ways to share the good news of Jesus with people you may know, here are a few things you should consider.

Remember to Preach with Actions

St. Francis of Assisi is often (mis)quoted as saying, “Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.” But even if he didn’t say it, the sentiment is very true. Think about the ways in which behave around someone and think about how that would impact the way they view your words.

Prayerfully Ask the Holy Spirit to Guide You

If the idea of sharing the Gospel with someone makes you nervous, talk to someone who is possibly more experienced than you and ask for the Holy Spirit to give you courage and the right words to say.

Respect the Journey

You know that the love of Jesus changed your life and you want to share that, right? Don’t be discouraged if you share the Gospel with someone and they don’t believe it or change their ways right away. Be a strong resource for them, pray for them, and encourage them to read scripture (maybe with you). God’s will and timing are perfect, so don’t expect anything to occur on your own time.

We are called to love other humans and you may find that what they need most is the love of Christ given by a believer (you) to begin to accept the Lord.

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