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Should I Be Taking Vitamins?

It’s often joked that vitamins are an easy way to flush your money down the toilet. But is this true?

Vitamins are a handy way to get added nutrients that might be missing from your diet. While you should still try to eat a diet that is complete with the vitamins and minerals you need, it is still helpful to add vitamins to your regimen for total coverage. However, if you are skeptical, here’s some info you need to know about vitamins and whether or not they work (or if you need them):

Listen to Your Body

If you’re chronically tired, stressed out, distracted, hungry, gaining a lot of weight, losing unexplained weight, having trouble sleeping, etc., you may find that a vitamin deficiency is at the root of the problem. In America, many people are chronically deficient in vitamin D and Magnesium without ever knowing it!

Understand How Certain Vitamins are Digested

Did you know that not all vitamins are absorbed the same way? Some are water-soluble, some are fat-soluble. So, for example, if you need to take vitamin B6, you only need to take it with a glass of water to help it break down in your digestive system. However, vitamins A, D, E, and K are all fat-soluble. You must have fats in your digestive system to absorb these. Try a little olive oil or avocado to help break these down.

Take a Test

To find out if you’re deficient in one (or many) vitamin(s), go to your doctor and request a basic vitamins and minerals levels blood test. You may find that you’re just fine, or you might find that you’re extremely deficient and need to supplement! If this is not covered by your insurance (or if you don’t have any), you can find companies online that will be able to help you figure this out as well.