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25 Skills Your Kid Needs for Kindergarten

If you have a child starting kindergarten next year, you may have questions like: does my child know what he or she should? Is she behind on letters, numbers, or life skills? Should he know X skill yet? No kindergartner starts school knowing everything, but there are some basic capabilities every child needs.

Life Skills

State first and last name when asked.

Use the restroom independently and wash his or her hands.

Sit still for 5-10 minutes at a time.

Be able to follow 2-3 step directions.

Show confidence when separated from a parent/guardian.

Solve problems without aggression.

Academic Skills

Know all alphabet letters in his or her first name.

Count to at least 30 and tell what number proceeds any number after 20.

Track words left to right, even if he or she can’t read.

Match most letters with their sounds.

Know basic colors and shapes (square, triangle, circle, red, green, and blue).

Use a three-finger grasp on pencil and scissors.

Social Skills

Clean up after him or herself and help peers clean up after group activity.

Take turns.

Share without reminders.

Seek adult’s help to resolve conflict.

Listens without interrupting/answers appropriately when spoken to.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Can jump in place and can jump consecutively at least 7 times.

Can catch a ball with arms and body.

Can hop on one foot for six feet.

Can complete a 7-piece, interlocking puzzle.

Can print his or her first name.

Can cut on construction paper within ¼ of a 6-inch straight line.

Can use appropriate amounts of glue.

Can draw a straight line, cross, V, and triangle.

No child will have all these skills mastered perfectly, and the absence of some will not keep your child from starting school.

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