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3 Great Mission Trip Destinations for Families

Mission trips are a great way to teach your family about different cultures, serving others’ needs, and growing in God. Family mission trips can save on expenses and allow you to set your own pace, compared to trips with church or youth groups. If your family is considering embarking on a mission trip for the first time, here are three must-try destinations:


United States Native American Reservation


Keep your mission trip affordable and in the States by packing up your family and driving to one of the more than 20 Native American reservations in Arizona and the Four Corners region. Partner with a mission group or organize your own visit with local church ministries. Your family can build long-term relationships with members of the reservation community, assist in children’s ministry, and help with service projects for America’s natives.


Washington D.C.


A mission trip to Washington D.C. can be eye-opening, serving to educate children about the history and government of the United States as well as the need for God’s light. This city is fraught with poverty, crime, and substance abuse. Serve others with community outreach programs such as park conservation or delivering meals to the homeless, or participate in work projects like a community garden or home restoration.


Costa Rica


If you want to spread God’s love internationally, Costa Rica is one of the best destinations for family mission trips. Beyond the lush rainforests and tropical beaches, Costa Rica is in the midst of a difficult transition from self-sufficient farming families to metropolitan life. Partner with a local ministry to spread Jesus’ love to the people in need in Costa Rica, engaging in family-friendly beach ministry, work projects, and community outreach.

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