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3 Things to Consider When Inviting Someone to Church

We’re all called to spread the good news that Jesus loves us and died on the cross for us, right? So why is it so hard sometimes to invite people to church?

Religious beliefs can be a bit of a touchy subject as they are often very personal and have developed after a lifetime of experiences and conversations. So sometimes you might feel like there is a fine line between sharing your faith and pushing someone away. But how do you know?

Here are four things you need should consider before you invite someone to your church:

What is Your Relationship to this Person?

Sometimes it’s much easier to invite someone you just met (maybe a new neighbor, for example) to church because there are no “strings” attached. However, if you know someone from work or even know someone in your family, it can be a little bit more complicated. You need to be prepared in case the person either does not want to go or does go but doesn’t want to return. Think about how to navigate the relationship if the offer is not accepted and be sure your message is one of love and acceptance, rather than judgement.

It’s important that an invite doesn’t come with any pressure, but that is an honest, open, and standing invitation.

What Do You Know About Their History with Faith?

If you know someone has had a tumultuous relationship with the Church, really think about what you know about why that is. You might feel that your church is different, but they may or may not agree with you. Be aware that sometimes building a one-on-one relationship is more important than getting someone “in the door.” Especially when someone has been hurt, it’s important for them to see Jesus in you as a loving individual rather than to feel they’re going up against an entire institution.

Consider Your Tone and Intentions

As you consider inviting someone to church, prayerfully consider your tone and intentions. Ask yourself the following question:

  • Are you trying to “win” something by evangelizing? Or are you listening to the Holy Spirit and joyfully sharing the good news of Jesus?
  • If the person you’re inviting is not a believer or practices another religion, are you trying to prove them wrong? Are you willing to listen what they have to say as well on matters of faith?
  • Are you avoiding them to church in hopes that your pastor will say what you’re unwilling to say? Examine your heart and pray about this!

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