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3 Tips for Witnessing During the Holidays

Many Christians hesitate to witness during the Christmas season, fearing misunderstandings and fights. If done correctly, though, Christmas is an ideal time to share your faith. You might even gain a new brother or sister in the faith by the end of the holiday.


Pray First


Prayer is the best place to start in any situation, especially a sensitive one like sharing faith. Pray diligently and often, especially if the person you’re approaching is a family member. This puts control in God’s hands and can reduce your anxiety. It also opens your loved one to many testimony possibilities; God can use anything to draw someone to Him. Gird your prayer with verses about God’s will that unsaved people know Him.


Don’t Info Dump


Many Christians grew up with the idea that “witnessing” or “evangelism” is a one-shot proposition. All you have to do is present the Gospel simply but brilliantly, and your unbelieving family member or friend will accept. The opposite is true. Incorporate Christianity into everything you do; do not info-dump. Do not lob verses at family members or friends, and do not threaten them with hell.


Listen More Than Talk


Someone once said God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. This is especially true with unsaved loved ones. Many times, these people are hurting and have legitimate reasons to feel God is not there for them. Don’t argue or contradict; listen. Use open-ended questions, and reassure them you have felt that way too. Building inroads may take time. Once you have, though, you can talk more freely about why you’ve chosen Jesus and how He’s changed you.


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