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3 Ways to Tell If Your Teen is Ready for a Job

Teenagers are eager to embrace the freedom of adulthood but aren’t always as excited about the responsibility. For example, most want to get a job so they can earn their own money and have more control over how they spend their leisure time. A summer job can be a fantastic learning experience for your teenager, but you need to make sure he or she is ready for one.

Is Your Teen Already Responsible?

Teenagers who haven’t grown up with responsibilities at home are less likely to be ready for them outside the home. Your teen should be assigned chores and should complete them when asked and to the standard you set. If there are younger siblings, your teen can babysit them for short periods or watch them while you’re at home but busy with other tasks. Additionally, ask yourself what your teen’s grades look like. If they’re slipping or he or she is doing poorly in a class, a job might prove too much of a burden.

Can Your Teen Handle Money?

If your teen spends too freely, it may be a sign he or she isn’t ready for a steady paycheck. Teens don’t have to write multi-page budgets, but they should know their most common expenses and how to divide their money accordingly. You should also talk to your teen about investment goals; if he or she has any right now, what are they? What should they be in the future, and how will they be reached?

Can Your Teen Search for a Job?

Finally, a teen who’s ready for a job will initiate the search. He or she may need guidance, so ask where interests and skills lie. Your teen can use this information to look for jobs in person or search safe sites online (review internet rules first, and vet sites before your teen uses them).

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