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4 Christian Service Opportunities for Older Women

Christians of all ages can serve in the church, but some roles are especially good for older women. If you are an older woman looking for ways to serve in your church, let our suggestions give you guidance.


Mentor Younger Women


Scripture indicates older women are highly effective mentors for younger ones. At least one entire chapter of the New Testament, Titus 2, is devoted to this. If your church doesn’t have a mentoring program, approach a pastor or other staff member about mentoring. New Christians in particular need discipleship; get involved in those programs or classes if your church has them. Call or email younger women, send them encouraging notes, and meet with them face to face whenever possible.


Use Your Spiritual Gifts


Some spiritual gifts, such as mercy and hospitality, are commonly associated with women. However, that doesn’t mean women’s gifts are limited. Ask God what your spiritual gifts are if you don’t know them. Seek opportunities to use them. If a certain arena is male-dominated, pray about getting involved and seek help to do so.


Lead When Led


Some churches believe women should not be elders or leaders. If your church lets women take these positions, pray about applying for one. If chosen, enact your duties with justice, mercy, and discernment.




Many older church members become prayer warriors. This may seem like a passive activity, but it is one of the most important in the church. Christian leaders have said the foundations of the church come from people who are on their knees. Get involved with your church’s prayer chain. Go to homes and hospitals to pray with people face to face. Keep a prayer journal and update it often.

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