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4 Ways to Get Kids to Enjoy Reading

Children and teens spend most of their time on their phone or tablet – texting, watching videos, and using social media. All of that doesn’t leave a lot of room in their lives for reading. Reading is still a very important facet of a child’s development. It expands vocabulary, sharpens comprehension skills, and even helps their imagination grow.

Unfortunately, many kids claim they don’t like to read, so how do you get them involved in a book? There are many ways to encourage a love of literature in children, if you only know how.

  1. Give them choices. The number one reason kids say they don’t like to read? They can’t find anything they like. Bring a selection of different titles so they can choose the most interesting ones and go from there. Help them find stories on topics they enjoy so they can be excited about them.
  1. Use engaging tactics if you’re reading out loud. Take turns reading sections of the book. Use different voices for each character. Let them draw what they’re envisioning while you read it to help them visualize the story better.
  1. Make a comfortable reading environment. The seats should be soft and the decor of the room should be inviting without being distracting. Kids love bean bags and cushions on the floor more than stiff seats.
  1. Provide leveled selections. Children progress very quickly. Giving them a wide selection helps them continue to grow at whatever rate they’re comfortable.

Reading is something every child can benefit from. With a bit of preparation and some smart choices, you can help them develop a love that will carry on throughout their lives.

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