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5 Tips for an Exciting Labor Day Party

Labor Day is the perfect occasion to mark the (practical) end of the summer and to spend time with family and friends, while taking time to honor the achievements of our great country’s labor force.

Thinking of throwing a Labor Day party? Here are 5 tips for an exciting Labor Day party!

Take Your Party To a New Location

Especially if you’ve hosted in the past, consider moving your celebrating to a new and exciting location. For example, if it’s usually in your back yard, consider going to a local park or beach. A chance of scenery often energizes a group of people!

Incorporate Themed Foods

It’s the last chance you’re going to get these year for a patriotic holiday (aside from Veteran’s Day) to pull out those red, white, and blue foods. Whether it’s a trifle made with blue and red jello and home made whipped cream, a flag cake with strawberries and blueberries, or just cookies with red, white, and blue decorations, go all out! Everyone loves them!!

Don’t Forget Decor

As you plan your party, think of easy ways to incorporate patriotic colors and designs. If you have tables, consider getting a few flowers (even carnations or daisies will be perfect) and sticking a flag in the middle. Try red, white, and blue cups, napkins, and plates if you can get them. Hang flags to provide shade if you need it. The sky is the limit decor.

Ask Your Guests to Dress Up

While they don’t need to be fancy, ask your guests to dress in red, white, and blue. Have a contest and let guests vote on who has the most patriotic outfit. Whoever wins should get a small prize!

Activities are Key!

Whether it’s a slip and slide for the kids (and kids at heart), some kind of competition (like a pie eating contest) or anything else, make sure you have something for your guests to enjoy doing other than just eating and visiting. Pinterest is a great resource for fun ideas.

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