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5 Ways to Serve your Community


It’s April and that means it’s National Volunteer Month! What a wonderful opportunity we have to serve our Lord by going out and being the hands and feet of the church. Whether you do something on your own, through your church, with your church, through a religious organization or through a non-religious organization, God delights when he sees you doing things to bring his will on Earth–caring for those who need it most.

Want to volunteer but you’re not sure where to start?

Here are five ways that YOU can serve in your community:

Use Your Gifts and Skillsets

You would be shocked at how many people disregard their own talents when they think about how they want to volunteer. Do you do taxes? Guess what? A non-profit would LOVE your help. Are you an expert organizer? Guess what? Between supplies, files, and more any church or non-profit could probably benefit from you gifts. Ask around and see if you can do something

Throw a Volunteering Party

If you have an April birthday, or just want an excuse to hang out with your friends, you might be surprised to see how many opportunities there are for groups to help out. It’s a fun way to hang out with friends and family, not to mention fulfilling! See if there are any organizations that need a ton of letters stuffed to prep for mailings. Perhaps the local children’s home could use a good cleaning. Or maybe your local food pantry could use some help organizing food.

Learn Something New

Have you ever built a house? Or do you want to learn? Try signing up for a Habitat for Humanity build. You’ll have the opportunity to learn on the job! There are dozens of organizations like this that will teach you and let you practice a new skill.

Spend Face Time With Those You Serve

Looking for a good way to actually spend time with those you serve? Try things like dishing up dinner at a local soup kitchen, doing arts and crafts with the elderly in nursing homes, or playing with kids in after-school programs.

Go Out on Your Own

Do you have a high population of homeless near in your community? You don’t need to sign up to volunteer to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and deliver them to those who are hungry. Think of ways you can do something like this on a regular basis.

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