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7 Great Films for Family Movie Night


Looking for some quiet, relaxing time with your family? A family movie night can be a wonderful way to spend time with your kids and spouse! However, it can also be difficult to find a movie for the whole family to enjoy.

Depending on the ages of your children, here is a list of movies that your whole family is bound to love.

The Incredibles 2
Rating: PG
What it’s about: The “incredible” Parr family is back at it again as they team up to fight crime and also manage their identities as secret super heroes. Click here to watch the trailer.

Rating: PG
What it’s about: A young boy named Miguel learns the true meaning of family and love by going on an incredible adventure. This movie is filled with beautiful music and fun jokes for the whole family. Click here to watch the trailer.

How to Train Your Dragon
Rating: PG
What it’s about: A young viking is raised in a kingdom that is strong, fierce, and most of all, hates dragons. However, when he captures one who needs his help, he is transformed by their relationship. Can he convince his village, and father the king, to see that dragons aren’t so bad? Watch the trailer here.

The Princess Bride
Rating: PG
What it’s about: Perhaps best for ages 8+, this movie is a classic and beloved by several generations. It is the retelling of Princess Buttercup and her journey to find the love of her life with zany, memorable, and clever lines from beginning to end. Watch the trailer here.

Cars 3
Rating: G
What it’s about: Lightnging McQueen’s career is threatened by newer, faster cars who have started to enter the racing scene. In this sequel, he learns another importance lesson about what’s behind the heart of racing — and what’s more important than winning. Watch the trailer.

Rating: G
What it’s about: A young pig changes the world around him by being raised by a sheepdog and ends up thinking he is a pig. Watch this magical movie that will be sure to delight your young and older kids. Watch the trailer here.

Rating: PG
What it’s about: A young woman finds and falls in love with a handsome prince in the first five minutes into the movie, until an evil witch banishes her to the “evil” world of New York City. During her adventures she find out some hard truths about the real world, but also about the power and meaning of true love. Watch the trailer here.