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How to Pray for Your Community

It’s important to get engaged in your local community — inside and outside of the church. It’s a wonderful way to truly get to know other people and to spread the love of Christ. 

As you know, it is also important to pray for your local community.

Pray for Elected Officials

It doesn’t matter if you voted for them or not, but judges, council-persons, and other politicians make a huge difference in how your community functions. Pray that God would make clear to them the right way to vote and that he would protect their hearts from corruption.

Pray for First Responders

Whether they’re police officers, EMTs, doctors, or anyone else who provides care in case of an emergency, lift them up to God and ask that he protect their hearts and keep them calm and productive.

Pray for Leaders

Leaders of all types need prayers. Local business owners, clergy-people, even scout leaders serve as an important example in our community. Pray that God will help them to make positive choices that exemplify love and kindness to all.

Pray for Schools, Teachers, and Students

As we hear of shooting after shooting happening in our country, pray for the safety of our children and teachers. Pray that God would embolden teachers in their difficult job and that children would see school as a safe place where they have an opportunity to improve their lives.

Pray for those in Infrastructure

Whether it’s those who build our roads, those who work for the power company, or any other infrastructure position, they need prayer for protection.

Pray for Parents and Children

Pray for every parent and ask God to bless them with patience, wisdom, and love for their children. Pray that children are well cared for within their means and that they are never neglected or hurt at home or in school.

Pray for those in Supporting Roles

Whether it’s someone working for a janitorial service or something else behind the scenes, pray that God reminds them daily how important and loved they are.

Pray for those in Crisis

There are likely those who are experiencing great difficulty right in this moment. Whether it’s the loss of a home, an addiction, another medical issue, or anything that causes great pain, ask God to reveal himself to those people. Ask that he would provide comfort and strength for them.

Pray for those who are Lonely

Often elderly and ill people are incredibly lonely. Pray about ways to bring joy to their lives and that God would comfort them.