Living Well Money

A Christian’s Guide to Smart Investing

Creating an investment portfolio can be a daunting task. It is even harder to do so with a Christian conscience. This process takes a lot of time and research to determine where you should invest your money.

How to Decide

There are many important factors that go into investing your money. You want to invest in a place you can trust that is going to offer a return on your investment. The question is, is that return sacrificing your moral principle? Research companies that you could possibly invest in. find out their values to determine if they line up with your own.

Consult with a financial advisor about your investments. They are going to advise you of the risk, return, personal circumstance, and tax on the investment. Most of the time, they are not going to be concerned with your ethical standards. It is important to let them know it is important to you and you are not going to invest anywhere not in line with those standards.


As stewards, it is our responsibility to maintain control of our savings and finances. Too often we relinquish that control and lose sight of our funds and where they are ending up. When choosing a place to invest, spend time figure to out exactly where your money will end up and what will be happening to it. Make sure the company isn’t working with a third party not meeting your moral standards. They could be benefiting from your investment and using your funds in ways God would not approve of. Develop relationships with the people responsible for your money. These relationships will give you a handle on what is happening to it at all times.

As you are saving, remember your responsibility as a steward and put aside funds to help towards God’s work. Investing into your church or community can be very rewarding and allows you to feel like you have made a real impact to your faith.

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