Best Dog and Cat Breeds for Kids

Pets are a wonderful addition to any family, and most families gravitate toward dogs and cats as primary choices. Both these animals make great pets as long as you have thoroughly researched each breed you’re considering. Some breeds are especially good for families with kids, which we’ve highlighted below.


If you want an active, chatty cat, the Oriental might be for you. They love to play and will make a game out of anything, from chasing cat toys to playing hide and seek. If you’re considering an Oriental, make sure your family is active enough to keep it entertained and invested enough to give it the attention it needs. Also, be aware that your Oriental could be a feline Houdini; familiarize yourself with his or her favorite hiding places.


This cat breed originated from the Ragdoll, and as its name suggests, is a big, fluffy lap cat. Ragamuffins are known for being affectionate and a bit clingy; they will follow your kids around and seek love and petting sessions at every opportunity. Ragamuffins travel better than some other breeds, and you might even be able to train one to walk on a leash.

Golden Retriever

When most people think of a dog breed that’s great with kids, the golden retriever is at the top of the list. They’re highly intelligent, devoted dogs who need and enjoy plenty of activity. The Golden Retriever is a generally healthy and easygoing dog and part of the sporting group, so this breed enjoys fetching, running, and hunting.


The beagle is often associated with Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoons and comic strip. Like Snoopy, most beagles are friendly, easygoing, and eager to participate in activities with their families. They’re generally healthy and need plenty of exercise.

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  • Fyi Beagles can be very vocal. They were bred to chase foxes and other game barking as they went so the hunter could follow. This could be a problem in apartments.

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