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Can You Really Be Happy With Less?

There is a lot of talk in the world right now about getting by with less. This trend has partially been caused as a push back to consumerism taking over our lives. It has also been a partial result of a reaction to the Great Recession and a large number of young people with tens, sometimes hundreds, of thousands of dollars worth of debt.

So now people are starting to live with less: smaller homes, less items, becoming minimalists, etc. But can you really be happy living like that? The answer is, probably yes and you will probably be happier. Here are a few benefits of having less possessions:

Freedom in Less Debt

If you don’t have a house payment, car payment, credit card debt, and more, you will be shocked how different your life will be. Imagine the relief that would create in your life!┬áIf you have less things, or even less expensive things, you will find that you are able to invest in things that are more meaningful to you. Ask yourself what you really need in your life and cut what you don’t need.

Less to Worry About

The fewer items you have, the less you need to worry about upkeep of your things, keeping track of them, paying for insurance on them, etc. The level to which you take this is your choice, but there are even some who choose to live such a simple life that they do things like have a small number of pencils and pens, cycle between only just a few items of clothing, and don’t have any duplicates of items in their home. While some may not have the option to have more than this, if you’re privileged enough to have more than enough, take time to remove the things from your life that are causing you overwhelm or too much time unnecessarily.

Ready to start living a life where you are not trapped by items and instead feel free to live the life you want to live? Ask God to reveal the ways in which consumerism has clouded your judgement. Focus your thoughts on God and loving others, rather than what your next purchase will be.


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