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Caring for Aging Skin

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ you have? And yet, it is often neglected! Here are few tips to help care for your skin as you age:


Often skin becomes dry as it ages and has a more difficult time holding in moisture. That’s why using a gentle moisturizer on a daily basis will do wonders for your skin.

Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water is important for your overall health. But did you know that drinking enough water helps your skin cells turn over and allows blood to flow properly to nourish your skin? While moisturizer is important to keep your skin hydrated, if you care for your skin at a molecular level like this, you’ll be surprised to see how it changes!

Eat Right

Eating plenty of leafy greens and other colorful foods will make a significant difference in the way your skin looks and feels!

Use Sunscreen

Often skin deteriorates and skin cancers develop in older age because of exposure to sun damage. It doesn’t matter if you have been inside your whole like or have been tanning every day for 50 years, using sunscreen regularly now will make a difference in helping prevent further damage.

Use a Night Serum

There are many different night serums on the market that often help combat specific issues, but look for something full of vitamins to help your skin flourish once again.

Turn Down the Heat on Your Shower

Did you know that sometimes we have the temperature in our shower way too hot? Turn down the temperature a few degrees and you’ll see that your skin is less delicate and holds moisture better.

Create a Skin Care Routine

Just as your body needs an exercise routine, so does your skin. Talk to a dermatologist or even your general practitioner about how he or she things you could best care for your skin. At minimum, you should be regularly exfoliating your skin, washing your fact twice daily, and using a moisturizer and/or skin creams to help deal with your specific concerns.

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