Determining How and When to Give

The Bible encourages us to give often and be cheerful givers. However, it can be difficult to determine how and when to give, because so many charities and causes are available. You want to find a balance between never giving of your resources and giving so much your needs remain unmet. We have a few tips to help you choose where your financial and other resources should go.

Choose a Charity You’re Passionate About

One of the best ways to ensure cheerful and frequent giving is to choose a cause or charity close to your heart. For example, you might give to the ASPCA if animal welfare is your passion. If you are concerned about world missions, investigate organizations like World Changers or Samaritan’s Purse. Look for activities your whole family can be involved in, such as child sponsorship.

Decide On an Amount

Before giving to a charity, set a budget, and make a specific amount part of that budget. Stick to this amount as closely and often as possible. If you want to give extra on special occasions that’s great, but try not to deviate too often.

Stay Involved

Giving money is a good place to start, but staying involved with your charity or cause is better. If a local affiliated organization is nearby, volunteer there. Encourage other people to get involved, perhaps by speaking at your church or doing a social media campaign. If your charity involves children or animals, consider adopting a pet, becoming a tutor or teacher’s aide, or becoming a foster parent.

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