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DIY Spring Crafts

Depending on where you live, Spring is either right around the corner, or maybe already beginning! After so many months of cold, snowy weather, there’s nothing quite so refreshing as seeing green leaves finally starting to sprout on the trees!

If you’re the creative type, perhaps this puts you in a crafting mood! Looking for some craft inspiration for DIY Spring projects? Look no further:

General Decor

A little touch of decor goes a long way! Whether in the entryway of your home, the kitchen, outside, or even on your desk at work, the options are endless and can be tons of fun! Comment below and tell us your favorite place to decorate in your home or in your office!

Birds’ nests

Paper Hyacinths

Moss Bunny Canvas

Paint and Distress Mason Jar

Rustic Planter Box

Easter Crafts

These are fun to do with children and friends and are a great way to prepare for the Easter holiday. Some links are spring-y, Easter bunny crafts and others are more religious to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus!

32 Best Easter Decorations

27 Cute Easter Money Saving Easter Crafts

Wooden Bunny

Cross in a Frame

Easter Crafts for Kids

Spring Wreaths

Nothing brightens up your doorway like a brightly colored wreath! Whether you would prefer to use reusable crafting pieces or fresh flowers, you can never go wrong with a wreath!

More than a DOZEN Spring Wreaths!

Sunflower wreath

Carrot Door Hanger

Umbrella Wreath

15 DIY Handmade Easter Wreaths

Candy Holders

It’s no secret that children aren’t the only ones who enjoy candy in the spring! But plastic eggs aren’t the only place you can store sweet treats! Try out some of these at home, at church, and at work!

Clay Pots Bunny Candy Dish

31 Chic DIY Easter Centerpieces

11 DIY Easter Candy Jars


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