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Ways to Encourage Your Children’s Minister

Have you ever noticed how hard your Children’s Minister works? While their job sometimes gets dismissed as “fun,” the reality is that he or she feels the same burdens that other clergymen and women feel! Children are delightful and so sweet–at times–but they’re also being bombarded with a million different messages. Your Children’s Minister has their work cut out for them, tailoring and coordinating the message of Jesus to be age appropriate for many different children.

Even though portions of their ministry may be perceived as fun, Children’s Ministers need to be encouraged as their cups sometimes run empty as well! Here’s a few great ways to encourage your Children’s Minister at your church.

Offer to Volunteer

Often, children’s ministry is understaffed and leaders in this role spend a lot of time looking for volunteers. By volunteering your time to help or provide things like snacks, you’ll be reducing some of his or her load.

Share Stories

If you came to know Jesus as a result of the work of a Children’s Minister, share that with yours! Find someone, even a child, who has come to know the Lord though children’s ministry and tell your leader! Nothing rekindles the fire like reminding leaders why they got involved in the first place!

Encourage Children to Speak Positively

If you have a chance, ask your kids to tell your Children’s Minister thank you! Have them write letters or make cards.

Offer Thanks

Offering your thanks to your Children’s Ministry can look very different! Sometimes it’s giving them a chance to take a break, spend time with their spouse, taking a task off of their plate, or something else! Consider making a meal, offering to babysit their kids, giving a gift card to a restaurant or their favorite activity.

Just Ask!

Ask your Children’s Minister how you can help or pray for him or her. Showing that you care makes a huge difference!

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