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Finding Community After Retirement

Have you recently retired and are starting to miss the sense of belonging you felt at work?

It’s a common problem among retirees–whether they’ve just retired or did so years ago. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to recapture that feeling of belonging, consider some of the following suggestions. We would also love for you to comment and tell us what has, or has not, worked for you when finding a community after retirement.

Consider Volunteering

You spent many years honing your craft and perfecting your work skills. If you enjoyed them, why not put them to to good use a few hours a week by volunteering. You may find that either you develop strong relationships with those your serve or even those you serve with. Maybe you’re interested in doing something completely new? Volunteering is also a great way to learn a new skill while also making new friends.

Ask Around About Local Meetups

If you have an interest–such as politics, crafting, business interests, or anything else–the odds are that there are others in your community with similar interests. Often groups of like-minded people get together once or twice a week at a local restaurant, the library, or another community space to work together.

Enroll in a Class

It doesn’t matter if it’s a yoga class or a painting class or something totally outside of your comfort zone: when you take a class, it’s a great way to see how you feel about the people in your class. This allows you the opportunity to easily segway into conversation if you hit it off with someone.

Participate in Community Events

Does your community have a local farmer’s market? How about a yearly Christmas village? A cook off of some sort? Join in the fun! See if you can help with organizing, but also participate if you’re able. Doing activities like this will help you feel engaged and involved in your local community.

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