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Food Should Help, Not Hinder, Loving Your Neighbor

Health and fitness seem to constantly be on people’s minds. With the growing presence of social media, we spend more time focusing on how we look and what types of foods we are putting into our body. While it is important to maintain good health in order to be able to fully serve God, we must be cautious not to obsess.

Avoid Judgment

It is easy to stay on top of all the latest diet trends and criticize others for the food choices they are making. Try not to get too caught up in healthy eating fads, this can cause you to judge others, which goes against what God is asking of us. We all make our own food choices and regardless of what you are eating, you should not be concerned with the diet of your neighbor.

Judgments about others eating habits can make them self conscious about the choices they are making. We are all so focused on the best and healthiest diet that we can loose sight of what is most important. Being too strict with your diet can cause disorders like Orthoreixia and can keep you from being close to God.

Constantly controlling your diet or judging others about theirs can be toxic. It is important to not focus on controlling every bite, and instead enjoying it.

Food is a Gift from God

There is a reason we begin every meal with a prayer. God has graced us with the food we eat and we should spend more time being grateful for it. Giving thanks for your food allows you to step back and remember all of the effort behind it ending up on your plate. Some people are not as fortunate to have a hot meal, so do not take yours for granted. Instead, thank God for all he has given you.

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