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Fun Faith-Based Hobbies

Finding a new hobby you truly feel good about can be difficult—especially with options like Netflix tempting you to stay on the couch. If you want new ideas for staying active, productive, and having fun this summer, these are our top three picks.


If you don’t find reading fun, you aren’t reading the right books. Reading books that speak to you can mean the difference between enjoying a book and forcing yourself to get through a page. If you have trouble finding books that hook you, try browsing these recommendations. Faith-based books don’t have to be a sermon—the best ones are based on real-life experiences.

Arts and Crafts

Exodus 31:5 speaks of the “cutting of stones for settings” and “carving of wood” for craftsmanship. Making something with your hands is extremely rewarding. Not only do crafts center your mind and give you something positive to focus on, but you end up with wonderful things to give as gifts or donate to charity. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting, pottery—anything that makes you feel happy and productive is a great option.

Outdoor Activities

This summer is your perfect opportunity to come closer to God through nature. Gardening, weeding, hiking, or bird watching are all excellent ways to find inner peace and bask in the beauty of the world God created. Join a community garden or start your own herb garden right at home. Outdoor activities help you stay active, find tranquility, and focus on the messages God sends you through His creation.

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