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Fun Summertime Activities to Do With Your Family

It’s summertime! The weather is hot during the day, and depending on where you live, probably still hot at night! But that just means that it is the perfect time to spend some quality time with family members!

Here’s a fun list of things you can do with family this summer:

  • Go on a picnic
  • Have a squirt gun fight
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Play red rover
  • Go to a local pool
    • Dive for toys
    • Play marco polo
    • See who can swim a lap the fastest
    • Practice underwater handstands and flips
    • Relax on a fun float
  • Play in the sprinklers
  • Set up a slip n’ slide
  • Make your own blobĀ 
  • Grill out
    • Teach your kids family recipes
    • Make ice cream together
    • Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
    • Make a pie together
    • Have a contest to see who can make the best toppings for things like grilled corn or burgers
  • Go strawberry picking
  • Go on a hike
  • Explore a new park
  • Stay inside and watch your favorite movies
    • Make special popcorn
  • Make s’mores over a fire, or even a candle flame
  • Go camping
  • Visit family members
  • Take a weekend trip to a local attraction
  • Go on a big road trip
  • Plan your dream vacation as a family and talk about how to start saving up
  • Learn how fireworks are made
  • Play with sparklers and other legal fireworks during the week of the 4th of July
  • Go to a lake
  • Catch fire flies
  • Go bird watching
  • Volunteer at a local homeless shelter or animal shelter to learn about special summertime needs
  • Relax in a lazy river
  • Make shaved ice
  • Get everyone involved in yard work like pulling weeds, trimming hedges, and more! It can be fun when everyone is involved

What is your favorite summertime activity to do with your family members? It’s a magical time, especially when you have young children! Enjoy it!

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