GEB America Adds Tommy Lilja to the Schedule

GEB America is excited to announce the addition of Following Jesus with Tommy Lilja to our schedule starting December 1 at 8 am eastern / 7 am central.

Tommy Lilja is a pastor and evangelist who has dedicated his life to following Jesus. Over the last 20 years Tommy has been journeying around the globe in the service of the gospel, crusading, evangelizing, baptizing and healing the sick. Follow Tommy from the heights of the Himalayas, to remote African villages, to the heart of Jerusalem to see what Jesus is doing around the world Today.

Since the earliest days of his ministry, pastoring a small church in rural Sweden in the early 90’s, Tommy has always had a heart for the world. Today His ministry, Tommy Lilja Ministries, spans the globe with three main branches of ministry:

  1. The Honor Operation, which has rescued countless vulnerable children from the sex trafficking industry in Asia.
  2. Operation Great Exodus, which has helped over 20,000 displaced Jews around the world return to their homeland, Israel.
  3. Gospel Crusades. Through his crusades in Africa and Asia Tommy has evangelized to millions of people, delivered humanitarian aid and trained thousands of pastors who have then continued the work of TLM to transformed the social and economic conditions in their local communities.

Tommy’s  Television program “Following Jesus with Tommy Lilja” airs on multiple networks throughout the U.S., Africa and Europe. Tommy has written over 20 books some of which have been translated into multiple languages.

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