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GEB Podcast 13-Avoiding the Trap of Offense with Perry Stone

GEB America Podcast, Helping You Live Well (image of studio microphone with blurred background)

This week’s podcast features Perry Stone, the host of the TV program Mannafest.
How do we “walk in forgiveness” and not fall into the trap of taking offense at the little and the big things in daily life?


Watch Perry Stone every Sunday on GEB America at 11 a.m./10 CT and 9 p.m./8 CT.

Main Chapters of Episode

00:00:00 Introductions
00:02:01 Being called to the ministry.
00:08:02 How did the TV show Mannafest begin?
00:16:29 What has God put on your heart to share with the church in 2024?
00:27:50 We have to have answers for this world from the Bible.
00:34:50 We must walk in forgiveness.
00:39:30 Don’t fall into the trap of offense.
00:48:38 Closing remarks.


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