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GEB Podcast 14- Called For A Purpose with Darryl Strawberry

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In this week’s episode, Stephen Gunn and David Groves sit with former MLB superstar Darryl Strawberry. While at the top of his MLB career, he struggled with addiction, divorce, jail time, and cancer. Darryl found true freedom when he surrendered his life to Jesus. Today, he and his wife have a ministry to bring hope to those who need restoration and recovery.

Main chapters of Episode

00:00:00 Introductions
00:02:06 Where did it all begin with you and baseball?
00:11:22 Life is full of great tests.
00:12:20 What was it like the ’86 World Series?
00:23:00 Favorite Memories
00:30:03 How did you start your ministry?
00:35:58 What has God put on your heart for 2024?
00:45:37 Mistakes don’t define you.
00:50:34 How to connect.
00:54:41 Rapid Fire!
01:02:50 Closing


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