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GEB Podcast 21 Phil Cooke-Overcoming Distractions in a Media-Driven Culture – Phil Cooke

GEB America Podcast, Helping You Live Well (image of studio microphone with blurred background)

Phil Cooke, regarded as one of the foremost voices in the world on the topic of Branding and Positioning your message, joins us on this special edition of the GEB America Podcast.


00:01:04 Open
00:03:12 Tell Us About Overcoming Distractions
00:05:16 What Do You Share with Pastors about Carving Through the Noise?
00:08:34 Social Media has Changed our World Dramatically
00:09:04 Your Brand is Your Story
00:20:19 Find Your Niche and Own it!
00:22:18 How to Connect with Cooke Media
00:23:44 Ai and the Church
00:28:14 Closing



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