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GEB Podcast 22 Emerging Tech, Ai, and God-Ryan Collins, CEO Bethel Tech

GEB America Podcast, Helping You Live Well (image of studio microphone with blurred background)

On this episode, GEB GM David Groves interviews Ryan Collins. Ryan is the author of “The God of Tech” and the CEO of Bethel Technology.

00:00:00 Open
00:01:04 Introductions
00:02:04 How did you start this tech journey?
00:06:04 How was Bethel Tech started?
00:09:54 Technology is just a tool to be used good or badly.
00:14:41 Does God care about technology?
00:17:10 The future of Ai and Quantum Computing.
00:22:00 Convergence of Technology
00:25:40 The God of Tech, website, and how to connect.
00:27: Rapid Fire!


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