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GEB Podcast Ep23 – Women in Media-Ashley Key, CBN, 700 Club

GEB America Podcast, Helping You Live Well (image of studio microphone with blurred background)

Ashley Key, co-host of 700 Club Interactive joins GEB America General Manager David Groves for a lively discussion about her journey from social media expert to media anchor.


X- @Ashkeyekey, Instagram- @Ashleyekey

X- @davidgroves, Instagram @thedavegroves


Episode chapters:

00:00:00 Open

00:00:35 Introductions

00:01:38 Where did it all begin?

00:08:38 Being “On-camera”

00:13:01 What are the topics you are currently most passionate about?

00:16:40 What should you be focused on in social media this year?

00:19:40 Rapid Fire!

00:24:30 Closing and how to connect


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