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Great Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day will be here before we know it. Most of us know this is an opportunity to celebrate our veterans but are unsure exactly how to do it. This Memorial Day, let our creative ideas get you started planning.

Get Personal

If you know a veteran or a civilian who has lost someone in war and he or she is near enough to visit, load up the family vehicle and make a visit. If appropriate, you can ask the person to tell stories about the time period, but simply spending the day with them is a reward in itself. Invite this person to participate in family activities, such as your barbecue or a drive to the beach. If the nearest veteran or affected civilian lives too far away for a visit, send him or her an email or use Skype to video chat.

Have a Family Reunion

Memorial Day often reminds us of the people we have lost. It can also remind us of people who are still alive and need our companionship. This Memorial Day, consider family members you haven’t seen in a long time. Invite them all over for a day of events, such as a meal and games. Take plenty of photos, and ask each family member to share a special family memory.

Embrace Patriotism

Many cities offer Memorial Day concerts, fireworks displays, freedom trail walks, and other activities. Choose one or two for your family to attend. If a battle reenactment is nearby, take your teens and older kids, and talk about the impact of past wars as well as why they were fought. Have everyone dress in red, white, or blue, or wear or carry a flag.