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Budget-Friendly Memorial Day Party Ideas

Memorial Day is a right around the corner! While it is a time to remember and honor the men and women who have lost their lives in the fight for our freedom, it is also a time to celebrate that freedom with our friends and loved ones. What better way to do that than to join together and enjoy a meal, some activities, and friendly conversation. Here are a few budget-friendly ideas for your Memorial Day celebration at home or at your church.

Budget-Friendly Memorial Day Food Ideas

Flag Cake – Everybody loves flag cakes! Need an easy option? Particularly if you grow berries in your garden, this flag cake can be a crowd-pleasing flag “cake” option.

Oreos Dipped in Chocolate – Dip Oreos in a bit of white chocolate and sprinkle with red and blue sprinkles for a patriotic treat.

Do a Potluck – If you’re hosting, provide the meat and buns for burgers and hotdogs but ask others to bring drinks, condiments, sides, plates, cups, napkins, and desserts. Doing things this way helps everyone feel included and makes it so that you’re not bearing an enormous financial burden of feeding a small army.

Budget Friendly Memorial Day Decorations

Upcycle Items You Have with Paint – Mason jars, bins, and really any kind of container can be converted into an American flag easily with a little bit of spray paint and tape. Check out these cute examples!

Plant Red and Blue Flowers — This is an excellent way to double up on decoration and landscaping at your home!

Budget Friendly Memorial Day Activities

Especially if there are children coming to your party, try incorporating activities like this Memorial Day word search, painting lawn stars,  setting out a sprinkler, or setting up a station to create DIY wreathes like this one or even this one.