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Healthy(ish) Alternatives to Candy

Whether you just started a new healthy lifestyle or you want to make sure the kids in your life are properly nourished, there are plenty of healthy alternatives to candy.

Halloween is a time when parents, children, and anyone with access to the grocery store tends to over-indulge in sweet treats! But not this year! Here are a few ideas for sweet alternatives:

Trail Mix

While some versions actually have candy in them, stick to a healthier mix of nuts, maybe a few chocolate bits, and raisins.

Jello Bites

Kids especially love these! Make a tray of sugar free Jello and then use cookie cutters to make fun, bite-sized shapes.

Baked Sweet Potato Bites

Especially when you add just a little bit of brown sugar, baked sweet potato can be a delicious treat! Pierce the skin with a fork and then cook a medium sized potato in the microwave for 3-4 minutes. Once it has cooled, cut it into medallions. Kids love when you cut the orange vegetable into fun shapes like stars and hearts.

Frozen Grapes

Grapes take on a whole new texture that adults and children alike love when they’re frozen! Freeze them whole and enjoy!

Chocolate Covered Banana

Melt low-sugar chocolate pieces in the microwave and then dip bananas into it! Before it dries, roll in chopped nuts or sprinkles. Eat them as is after the chocolate has dried or try them frozen! Delicious!

Dried Fruit

There are many options for dried fruits at your local grocery store: apricots, strawberries, and raisins tend to be the most popular. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider dehydrating some fruit of your own in your oven.

Baked Apples

Cut the cores out of two apples, sprinkle them with cinnamon, drop a small dab of butter on top and bake them at 350 for 15 minutes. The apples will melt in your mouth and are as decadent as any candy or dessert out there.  

Chocolate Pretzels

For a salty-sweet combo, try melting some chocolate and then drizzling it over pretzels. Serve once dried.


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