Family Relationships

Helping Kids Appreciate New Cultures

Our society is becoming more global by the day. In past decades, it was difficult or impossible to maintain contact with people from other cultures unless they lived directly in your area. Now, thanks to the internet and easier travel, you and your kids are probably exposed to all kinds of cultures on a daily basis. With your help, your kids can learn more about all kinds of cultures, building their knowledge base and empathy.

Make It Visual

Decorate your home so many cultures are represented. This could be as simple as putting a globe in your child’s room or a map on the wall. If your family comes from a certain culture, elaborate on it. For example, if your family is Scottish or Irish, consider purchasing a family crest. If you’re Chinese, decorate your walls with hangings of calligraphy.

Be Foodies

One night a week, eat something from a different culture. You don’t always have to fall back on spaghetti and tacos, either. You can make homemade sushi or gyros with pita triangles and tzatziki sauce. Israeli salad is a big hit, too.

Learn the Language

Your kids will likely be exposed to a foreign language at some point in school. Spanish is a popular choice; many kids’ shows such as Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer heavily incorporate this language. Depending on where you live, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese are popular choices also. Play vocabulary games with young kids, or ask them to tell you what an object is in both English and another language. For older kids, language immersion programs may be a good idea.

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