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How House Plants Can Improve Your Health

Did you know indoor plants are not just for decoration? They not only look nice; they can actually improve your health both emotionally and physically. Having live plants inside your home can bring a number of benefits to your life. Below are just a few ways keeping some greenery around can do more than just liven up a corner.

  • Increased oxygen levels. As we know, plants take in the carbon dioxide we expel and return oxygen back to us, which we in turn breathe in. It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship, and it carries over into your home when you bring a plant indoors. Increased oxygen levels can increase your focus and mental sharpness (therefore productivity), aid in respiratory function and simply refresh the air around you.
  • A natural humidifier and air purifier. Plants also release water into the air during the process of photosynthesis, so they act as natural humidifiers. Particularly during the winter months, this can be beneficial as a remedy to dry skin, coughs and sore throats. It also wards off respiratory distresses. Between this and the increased oxygen, plants can also serve as natural air purifiers.
  • Increased mental health. Studies show that caring for a living thing can decrease depression, and the aesthetic presence of plants generally lowers anxiety, stress and fatigue. This improved mental health also affects physical healing. Research indicates people in hospital rooms with plants tend to recover more quickly, have lower blood pressure and request less pain medication than those without.

Plants like Gerbera Daisies, Chinese Evergreens, Spider Plants and Majesty Palms are all great options to bring indoors for different reasons. Try researching the care required for several common house plants and see which ones are right for your home.

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