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How Senior Women Can Safeguard Their Health


As you age, your primary care doctor plays a unique and pivotal role in your health. You may believe the provider you’ve trusted for years is well-suited to continue your care later in life. Unfortunately, this may not be what’s best. Technology is changing health care every day. Your provider should keep up with new research, treatment trends, and the latest innovations in medical care. Most important, your doctor needs to be in the best possible position to safeguard your health as a senior woman.


Find a Doctor with the Correct Specialty


Seeing the same doctor for a decade or longer can be comforting and make you feel secure in your health. Over time, however, your standard care doctor may not be as qualified to look after your needs as a doctor who specializes in elder care. Coming to the realization that you’ve passed the age threshold for your existing doctor’s particular specialty can be difficult, but it is necessary if you want the most competent care. Your go-to doctor needs to have in-depth knowledge and professional education about women your age to properly treat you.


Request a Female Physician


Harvard researchers published a study that compared hospital mortality and readmission rates with male versus female doctors. To many people’s surprise, the study found that elderly patients have “significantly lower mortality rates and readmission rates” when treated by female physicians over male physicians. Other research shows that female doctors are more likely to recommend preventative measures such as Pap smears and mammograms. Switching to a female doctor may be in your best interest as a senior woman.


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