How to Create a Mission Statement for Your Family

Nurturing and caring for your family is one of the most important jobs you will ever have–whether you’re a mom, dad, spouse, child, sister, or brother. But have you ever thought about having a mission statement for your family?

Why Have a Mission Statement for Your Family

Companies, universities, hospitals, churches, and almost every other type of organization has a mission statement to help unite leaders, members, and employees in their focus and work. So, if having a family, which is something that does take work, is a joint venture between multiple people, why not have a common goal for your family?

A mission statement could point your family towards unity in difficult times or when even just one person is struggling, or even when things are going perfectly.

How to Create a Mission Statement for Your Family

There are many ways to create a mission statement. Often the most effective statements are short and to the point. However, if you do some research, some companies have very long mission statements.

The brand Life is Good, for example, has a very clear, but simple mission statement: To spread the power of optimism. If you like that, here are a few other very short mission statements.

But if that is not enough for you, consider what your family feels are core values and build your mission statement around those.

Tip: Allow room for growth!

You cannot predict the future. Things may change or circumstances may become difficult for you or your family members. If that is the case, you want to make sure your mission statement doesn’t restrict you to the point of not allowing you to grow! So consider the most pure, basic values that matter to you that can act as guiding principles in all times–goo and bad.

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