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How to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

If you are like most people, exercise just doesn’t fit into your schedule. Who has time to make it to the gym every day between work and the kids? Fortunately, there are ways you can get an effective workout without ever leaving your home.

Workout Early

Most parents experience a bit of peace in the early mornings before the children wake up. This may be the only time you have to exercise before the chaos starts. Even better, exercising first thing energizes you and helps you tackle the day with a clear mind.

Exercise During Commercials

Plenty of us have a favorite TV show or game we can’t bear to miss. Instead of simply sitting on the couch, try doing a few reps of a simple exercise during each commercial. You can take it a step further and use resistance bands or dumbbells while you’re watching the action, too.

Practice at Practice

If your child or grandchild is part of an after school organization, you probably spend a lot of time waiting for them at practice. Next time you’re hanging out at the park or school, try exercising, instead. A good jog can boost energy and help lose fat.

Use Your Lunch Hour

If you have enough time on your lunch break, do a quick pick-me-up exercise. Even a few minutes of walking every day will add up and help you feel refreshed for the second half of your shift.

Truth is, there are ways to squeeze in a few minutes for health, even in the busiest times. All you need is some dedication and you’re on your way.

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