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How to Keep Yourself Organized

A modern Christian has all the same pressures as any other person trying to make his or her way through this world. Work, the kids’ classes and activities, volunteering – it’s overwhelming! Fortunately, technology can offer you the best ways to get all of that chaos in order and stay as productive as possible.

  1. EasilyDo. The software syncs with your calendar, social network, and email. All of the information is brought to one place instead of scrambling across applications.
  2. Omnifocus. This tool takes all of your to-dos, organizes them, and helps you complete them on time in one handy place.
  3. Dropbox. There’s no reason to search for files on different devices or rely on USB drives anymore. Dropbox lets you store things online in seconds.
  4. TaskRabbit. This software allows you to outsource chores and other tasks so you can focus more on work and family. It matches your needs to verified providers each time.
  5. Dashlane. Chances are you have a big selection of online accounts and more passwords than you can remember. This tool safely stores them all.
  6. iGroceryPal. Going to the store doesn’t have to mean cumbersome paper lists or forgetting items. This app lets you organize your products by the way they’re organized in the store.
  7. TripIt. Business itineraries can get complicated and overwhelming. TripIt gathers information from multiple sites to help you find directions, restaurants, shopping, and more.
  8. Shoeboxed. Want to keep track of receipts digitally? That’s exactly what this does. You can keep track of spending easier than ever.
  9. Evernote. This is another multi-software app. It collects all of your important data and events in one place.
  10. The Idea Organizer. Tired of jotting down notes and losing them? This app lets you make reminders at any time.

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