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How to Support a Friend Going Through Divorce

Do you have a friend or loved one who is going through a divorce? It can be an incredibly confusing and painful time for them, as well as any children in their family and their former spouse.

Allow Your Friend to Have Some Space

Sometimes it feels like being there for someone might be the right thing to do, but consider that your friend may need a little space. Offer to take him or her out for dinner or to get them out of the house, but if they need some time to mourn the loss of their marriage, allow them that privilege.

Listen Without Offering Opinions

Sometimes your friend will just need to talk without judgement or new opinions. Allow him or her to share his or her story and feelings with you if they feel comfortable. Even if they’re talking to you, though, encourage them to be talking to a counselor or pastor.

Don’t Inspire Drama

It’s easy to trash talk someone when they’ve hurt your loved one. Be mature and resist the urge to indulge. Encouraging or taking part in drama might seem like the right thing to do in the moment when feelings are hot, but it is rarely a good idea to help fan the flames during this difficult time. Instead, encourage positive communication and mature behavior. You’ll never regret it and neither will your friend!

Pray for Your Friend

You never know if God can or will help heal a marriage, even if it seems beyond repair. Ask God to make his will evident to both former spouses. Pray for them to be positive co-parents if they have children, and pray for true and deep healing.


If you’ve been divorced, what was the most helpful thing that a friend or loved one said to you or did for you?

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