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Intimacy for Christian Women in a Second Marriage

For Christian men and women who have promised to love and cherish only one person, second marriages and the intimacy involved can feel like a betrayal. Christians may struggle with getting physically close to a second spouse and feel overwhelmed by the spiritual implications. With God’s forgiveness and love, there is hope for the future.


Trust in the Lord


There is room for a healthy sexual relationship in a second marriage. God has given you a fresh start – a beautiful new beginning. God wants you to be happy and fully engaged in your new relationship. Relearning intimacy with a second husband can be a powerful step toward redemption, where the Lord makes your broken pieces whole again.


Let Go of Your Past


When Jesus forgives, he forgives completely. He does not remember the trespasses for which you sought forgiveness. In the same way, you must choose to leave your former relationship and sexual intimacy behind. Break the chains holding you back from achieving redemption. Forgive your spouse and move on. Only then can you and your new partner walk in Christ’s light without shadows threatening your happiness and grace in God.


Seek Therapy


Sexual intimacy doesn’t have to be a forbidden or shameful topic. God encourages us to “be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28) with our spouses. If you and your new spouse are having trouble finding sexual intimacy due to prior experiences, seek professional help. Go to couples therapy sessions with a Christian counselor and work through your feelings. Talk to your pastor or ministries at your church. If you are open and honest about how you feel, your new beginning will be free from the tethers of your past.

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